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The Benefits of One-Stop Contract Manufacturing Services

Leech Industries, with more than 75 years of manufacturing experience, is proud to offer U.S.A.-based, one-stop solutions for streamlined multi-process production. As a large shop offering high-production plastic injection molding, metal stamping and zinc die casting services along with low volume, high complexity 5-axis CNC machining, we have an expert team of engineers to guide design, prototyping and rate production. Additionally, we facilitate any specialty quality, processing and material needs through our extensive, qualified supply base to meet all customer specifications.

We view one-stop solutions as a two-pronged approach:

  1. Design and Prototyping: Customers can bring us their ideas and we can guide them through the initial design and prototyping phases before moving forward with production. We have the expertise to execute processes under one roof, whether they involve plastics, progressive stamping, zinc die casting or precision machined components.
  2. Project Management: Customers can come to us with a specific need, and even when we don’t perform all the necessary operations ourselves, we can manage these services with outside vendors. This offers customers a single point of contact during the process.
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Leech Industries’ One-Stop Production Manufacturing Services

In addition to our vast production capabilities, Leech’s one-stop manufacturing solutions make us well-positioned to manage the following services:

  • Tool and die design and manufacture
  • Custom fixturing
  • Prototyping
  • Subcomponent or finished assembly

Tool and Die Services

Leech Industries is more than a tool and die company. We not only design and build custom tools and molds, but we also use them in our own production manufacturing services. Our expertise allows us to troubleshoot strategically and produce products that exceed expectations.

Tool and Die Design

Our experience running the tools we make puts us in a unique position to leverage CAD/CAM/CFD design processes and systems with real-world experience operating molds and dies to more quickly refine the design to bring them to quality rate production in a shorter cycle. Our world-class manufacturing team is part of the process and provides real-time feedback to the design and engineering team, improving the effectiveness of the tools we build.

Tool and Die Maintenance

Leech Industries provides a service in which customers send poorly running tools from other suppliers for us to assess and potentially rework ourselves. Our experts evaluate these tools to determine how to get them into proper working condition or decide when they should be replaced. Sometimes only a phone consultation is necessary, while other times our customers need to send us their defunct molds and tools. We have even had malfunctioning tools with attached POs show up at our doorstep sight unseen, a testament to the services we provide. 

Custom Fixturing 

We produce our own custom fixtures to secure workpieces during a number of our processes, including:

While we utilize custom fixturing to ensure we’re achieving the most accurate and precise results, we produce these fixtures in-house for the following reasons:

  • Cost savings
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability

Prototype Manufacturing Services

For every one of our services, Leech offers product prototyping to help our customers turn their ideas into high-quality products. We work with our customers through the design process before moving on to machining, coordinating sample runs and performing complex assemblies. We collaborate with our customers’ buyers and engineers to evaluate the prototype, potentially redesigning certain features. When all parties are satisfied with the prototype, we move forward to full production.

Handling prototype to production services under one roof ensures consistency and quality.  This is essential in providing quality complex solutions on schedule and cost that our customers need in the challenging aerospace, defense and commercial sectors.

The Benefits of One-Stop Contract Manufacturing Services

Leech Industries has the expertise of a top-tier tool and die company, the machining capabilities of a large-scale shop and the ability to scale a project from prototype to production whether your need is low volume, high complexity or high volume components. By managing every operation under one roof, we offer the top-notch services any customer needs with a single point of contact.

Turnkey Solutions

When working with a one-stop shop, customers don’t need to communicate with multiple vendors. Rather than coordinating with both a die cast shop and a tool and die manufacturer, they can have a single point of contact at Leech. This results in easier communication, with just one phone call or email necessary to request updates or changes.

Time Savings

Shipping parts between multiple vendors increases lead times. At Leech, however, moving parts from one operation to the next involves taking a few steps from one section of our facilities to another.

Consistency of Quality

Leech’s ISO9001 and AS9100 certified quality team vets all projects to ensure they meet even the most rigorous standards. From initial design to final assembly, we apply the same quality control measures, minimizing variations in product quality.

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