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Leech Industries Through the Years

Established in 1948 as Leech Tool & Die Works, Leech Industries has become a full service manufacturing company, offering a wide range of services to a diverse group of customers.

Founded by the Leech family, the company's steady growth and reliable reputation result from four generations of family members who have had the same goal: provide customers with quality products and exceptional service every time.

The Early Days

In 1921, Joe Leech arrived in the US from Britain. He lived in Chicago, then Buffalo, working as a supervisor for manufacturers of time fuses, detonators, and small shell casings. In 1938, Leech settled down in Meadville, Pennsylvania, finding employment as a toolmaker at Talon Inc.'s experimental plant, the birthplace of the zipper.

In 1948, Leech retired from his job at Talon and founded Leech Tool & Die Works with his three sons. The company started in a barn and former chicken coop in their own backyard on Dickson road.

Soon after, Leech Tool & Die Works grew into a new 30 by 70 foot cement-block building and employed 14 people. The plant was humming with activity, making small tools and dies for companies all over the United States, as well as for the United States Government.

company history

Through the 1950s and 1960s, Leech Tool & Die Works expanded their facilities several times. As Joseph Leech retired, leadership of the company passed to the second generation of the Leech family, and operations in the plant expanded to include surface grinding, lathing, drill pressing, milling, heat-treatment, and plating.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Leech Tool & Die Works continued adding on to its facilities, and the third generation of the Leech family started to become involved in the business. During this time, the company ventured into CNC machining, progressive die stamping, printer component assembly, and plastic molding.

Leech Tool & Die Works also had two other plants in the Meadville area, and at one point, experimented with a molding and assembly plant in Nogales, Mexico.

Looking to the Future

In the new millennium, Leech Industries continues to grow as a full service manufacturer offering a wide range of processes and services, from in-house designs to finished products, including electronic, aerospace, automotive, and consumer products. The company strives to offer competitive pricing and on-time delivery while maintaining stringent standards of quality. 

Statistical process control techniques are used throughout the manufacturing facilities as required, and the quality system implemented has successfully attained ISO 9001:2015 certification. The team at Leech strives to offer the best value, personalized service, and must prove their value and leadership. 

For your next part, assembly, or special project, contact Leech Industries to see what a valuable partner it will prove to be. 

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