CNC Machining

Fully outfitted to meet the most demanding specifications.

High-Precision CNC Machining Services

Leech offers high-quality multi-axis machining for a diverse customer base, including clients in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries. Our highly precise equipment, as well as our team members operating the machines, ensures accuracy and efficiency.

We perform the following standard and specialized machining processes:

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Specific CNC Machining Capabilities

  • Machining lengths to 40”
  • X: 40”, Y: 20”, Z: 16”
  • Spindle speeds to 20,000 RPM
  • Tool magazines to 80 tools
  • Hard milling, Rockwell hardness in the 60s (C-Scale)
  • 3-D high-speed machining capabilities
  • Up to 9 axes of machining range
  • Repeatability of +/- .0002”

The Value-Add of CNC Machining from Leech Industries

We specialize in high-complexity, lower-volume multi-axis machining at Leech, but we can handle a variety of volumes. From one part to thousands, we manage each stage from prototype to mid-volume production.

Turnkey Solutions

Leech Industries offers full-service manufacturing services, assisting customers through each stage of machining. Starting from the design and engineering stage through production, our engineers and machinists support your project from start to finish. We even provide comprehensive prototyping and testing services to OEMs bringing new products to market before we move forward to production.

Top-Notch Equipment

Leech Industries has made ongoing investments in our machines to enhance our capabilities and improve productivity.

One such example that makes up our advanced CNC machining center is our MAZAK integrex i-200, a powerful piece of equipment that gives us 9 axes of power. This machine has two spindles, which enable simultaneous machining on both ends of the workpiece. With both an upper and lower turret, the INTEGREX has two separate tool-holding systems that allow for larger tool capacity and more tooling options without the need for tool changes. When we use the INTEGREX, we can complete parts in one setup with minimal handling.

We can complete CNC machined parts in a single setup thanks to our highly capable equipment. The benefits of one-and-done machining are as follows:

  • Decreased opportunity for human error that might occur when repositioning parts
  • Reduced material handling
  • Increased throughput
  • Greater accuracy
  • Ability to machine complex parts with precision

Advanced Skill and Expertise

Leech Industries has hundreds of years of combined experience. From leaders to engineers to machinists, our teams are extremely skilled in multi-axis machining. We have true machinists here – CNC machinists who are both programmers and operators.

Additionally, we have invested in our workforce training programs, which offer opportunities for our people to upskill their knowledge of equipment and processes around the shop. Our customers feel confident in our capabilities due to our proven skill and expertise.

Great Efficiency

Our highly skilled teams’ in-depth understanding of our tools’ abilities and limitations helps us achieve optimal productivity. Because our machinists are well-versed in which processes require which machines, they can think creatively about the most productive processes that can be used to machine specific parts. Strategically planning what tools to use at what times reduces bottlenecking on the shop floor, therefore increasing our capacity and ensuring we meet customer lead times.

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Exotic Materials for CNC Machining

With our top-of-the-line equipment and highly skilled team members operating the machines, Leech is capable of handling a variety of materials. Here are just a handful of the exotic materials we’ve machined:

  • 9Ni-4Co-0.30C steel
  • Beryllium copper
  • Carbide
  • Ceramic
  • Copper
  • Copper tungsten
  • Graphite
  • Hastelloy X
  • Phosphorus Bronze
  • Vespel

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