JIG Grinding

Jig Grinding Services from Leech Industries

Leech provides cutting-edge Jig grinding solutions for customers across a wide range of industries. Our top-notch solutions, as well as our responsive customer service, drive results for our customers.

State-of-the-Art Jig Grinding Equipment

Leech has invested heavily in top-notch equipment and advanced technologies to ensure our grinding capabilities are continuously forward-thinking and innovative. Our 90,000-square-foot facility, filled with industry-leading equipment, has multiple Jig machines among our arsenal of grinders.

Prototype to Production Capabilities

Leech Industries offers versatility that allows us to produce parts in low to high volumes. Additionally, we offer prototyping services that allow us to bring our customers’ ideas to fruition.

Custom Tooling & Fixturing

We have the expertise to design and build custom tools and fixtures to hold workpieces securely during the grinding process. Not only does this ensure consistent and accurate results, but it also allows us to depend on our internal tool production that has quality we can count on.

Excellent Surface Finishes & Tolerances

Jig grinding is a capability known for its ability to achieve extremely tight tolerances and high levels of precision. Our in-house Jig grinders can achieve precise surface finishes and tight tolerances to accommodate our customers’ unique design specifications. We can reach surface finishes up to four microns and tolerances of .00005”, thanks to our advanced equipment and highly trained teams.



Jig Grinding Capabilities

The team at Leech can handle grinding jobs of all sizes, quantities and levels of complexity.

  • Jig grinding of holes, contours and surfaces
  • Continuous path available
  • Spindle speeds up to 175,000 RPM
  • Surface finishes up to 4 microns
  • Travel lengths: X: 18”, Y: 11”, Z: 3 ⅝”
  • Tolerance of .00005”
  • Concave grinding abilities
  • Hole and spherical grinding
  • Hole sizes from .018” to 12”

Materials That Can Be Ground

  • Alloy steels
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Brass
  • Carbide
  • Carbon steels
  • Copper alloys
  • Nickel alloys
  • Stainless alloys
  • Super alloys
  • Titanium
  • Tool steels
  • Many types of plastic, rubber and ceramic

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