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We are hiring individuals with all levels of experience in manufacturing. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional seeking a new opportunity, you can grow your career at Leech Industries.

What can a career at Leech Industries offer you?

Positive Company Culture

We are proud of the culture we’ve fostered at Leech Industries. We have worked hard to create a tight-knit community for our staff to feel respected and appreciated.

Events & Celebrations

You know how the expression goes: Work hard, play hard. Leech hosts multiple fun events throughout the year to celebrate our teams and blow off some steam.

  • Monthly birthday celebrations with catered lunch from a local business
  • Off-site Christmas party for our team members and their plus-ones to enjoy a night out with dinner and dancing
  • Summer family picnic with food and activities for all ages

Employee Recognition

We hold regular town hall meetings in which our leadership staff shares how the company is doing and recognizes outstanding team members who have stepped up to the plate.

Workplace Transparency

When it comes to company decision-making, we don’t just accept ideas from upper leadership. Once a month, we select individuals from each department to sit down with HR and upper management for an informal open dialogue. Some topics we discuss include:

  • What we are doing right
  • What we can do better
  • What sorts of investments we can make to improve productivity
  • How we can make working conditions and workplace culture better for our people

This initiative has helped team members have their voices heard, offering up solutions to improve their workplace experiences and customer outcomes. Several ideas from these discussions have led to actual changes in our business.

Work-Life Balance

At Leech Industries, we understand that work-life balance is crucial to keeping people happy, healthy and their most productive. We offer a competitive time-off package to ensure our staff has plenty of time to spend with their families and avoid burnout:

  • One week of vacation time
  • PLUS a paid company-wide shutdown during the week between Christmas and New Year’s

Extensive Cross-Training

Our teams aren’t just well-versed in what goes on in their own department; they know what is going on in all areas of the business. This includes:

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Production
  • Quality
  • Shipment

Cross-training allows team members to learn about everything that goes into producing and delivering exceptional products to our customers. We’ve made an effort to create a well-rounded staff to improve customer outcomes, but also to provide career advancement for those interested in pursuing different areas of manufacturing.

With greater skill comes more opportunity to grow within the business. While many of the other benefits encourage professionals to pursue a career at Leech, this upward mobility is one of the reasons they stay at Leech.

New Office Spaces

When we decided to modernize our workspace, we knew that it wouldn’t have a direct impact on throughput. We invested in our office to attract the right people and hold on to our incredibly talented team members.

Our office environment is welcoming, open and collaborative. It’s a comfortable space for our people to engage and bounce ideas off each other. These brand-new offices encourage us to work in teams – and with other teams.

Career Longevity

Working at Leech Industries means working at a well-established company that has weathered many storms and lived to tell the tale. The company was established in the post-Depression era and has persisted through multiple recessions. We have adapted to (and welcomed) changes within the ever-changing manufacturing sector.

Leech Industries is here to stay – and that means career stability for our team.

People stay at Leech, and many of our people retire with us. Here is a glimpse at what our tenure looks like at Leech Industries:

  • Over 10% of our team has been at Leech for over 20 years
  • 25% has been with us for 10-15 years
  • 50% has been with us for over 5 years

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