Tuesday Jan 16th, 2024

Leech’s Thermoset Plastic Molding Capabilities

At Leech Industries, we offer capabilities to produce either thermoset or thermoplastic parts ranging from high mix/low volume to low mix/high volume parts. We pride ourselves on having the capability to handle repetitive work, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of parts annually. We’re committed to reducing lead times and turning around projects efficiently, all while providing a seamless experience for OEMs eager to switch from an overseas thermoset molding vendor to a US-based partner.

Whether you need to transfer an existing mold set or design and build a new mold, allow us to demonstrate our thermoset molding capabilities at Leech and highlight how you can benefit from our one-stop contract manufacturing services.

Thermoset Molding: Our Process

Thermoset plastic molding creates intricate, durable, heat-resistant parts from thermosetting plastic materials, which are typically processed using compression or injection molding techniques.

  • Compression molding: We place the material into an open mold cavity and close it. Then we apply heat and pressure, causing the material to flow and take on the mold’s shape.
  • Injection molding: We heat the material until it becomes viscous, then inject it into the mold cavity under high pressure.

Heating the compression or injection molded part then creates a chemical reaction that permanently sets its shape. (This distinguishes thermoset plastics from thermoplastics, which can be melted and re-molded.)

Following the curing process, we cool the material to solidify the thermoset plastic prior to ejecting the finished part. From there, we can perform any secondary operations such as machining, assembly, finishing and quality control before sending the thermoset components to our customer.

One-Stop Thermoset Plastic Molding Shop

At Leech, we offer a range of plastic molding capabilities due to our highly capable technicians and cutting-edge contract manufacturing facilities. Because we have in-house design, tool making and a complete suite of plastic molding capabilities, we are aligned to provide one-stop production manufacturing services.

Mold Design & Maintenance 

 Our expertise in designing, building and repairing molds sets us apart from most other plastic molders and reduces the time to bring new products into production. Because we handle mold design, building and maintenance in-house, we have:

    • Greater control over the quality of our molds

    • The ability to customize molds to meet customers’ exact specifications

    • Reduced lead times

    • A deep understanding of the molding processes

    • Consistent production quality

    • Flexibility in mold design changes

    • Ability to run off molds and make needed changes rapidly

Thermoset v2

Versatile United States Based Manufacturing Solutions

We provide high-quality contract manufacturing services to OEMs looking to reshore to the United States their thermoset-based part needs. Our investments in specialized thermoset molding equipment make us an excellent partner for customers seeking a reliable, sophisticated and timely supplier. What sets us apart from our offshore competitors?

  • Shorter lead times: Shipping domestically is much faster. We don’t have to clear parts through customs, so any resulting delays won’t get added to customer lead times.
  • Reduced shipping costs: Furthermore, we can decrease delivery costs when shipping parts on land rather than by sea or air.
  • Greater reaction time: In the dynamic field of plastics manufacturing, rapid response and adaptability are essential. When you’re sourcing parts from overseas, it’s difficult to make changes, especially once they’re already on a boat on the way to your shop. At Leech, we can manage the entire process in-house, offering us control over quality, material sourcing and costs. This agility allows us to make necessary changes immediately, ensuring we meet customer expectations with flexibility and reliability.
  • Partnership: At Leech, we offer a partnership that is difficult to find in overseas suppliers. Many of our customers call us directly, knowing exactly who they are talking to every time. When they know their point of contact, they trust that their thermoset plastic components will arrive on time every time.

Leech Industries: Your Plastic Molding Partner

Our customers view Leech as their go-to partner, whether they need diversification in supply or they’re seeking a reliable shop to help them kick off a new project. At Leech, we take on complex challenges and respond strategically thanks to our diverse range of in-house capabilities. 

Consider Leech Industries for your thermoset molding solutions. Contact us for a reliable, comprehensive approach to your unique needs.

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