Assembly Operations at Leech Industries

At Leech Industries, we pride ourselves on the capabilities that allow us to provide full-service manufacturing solutions to our customers. As a one-stop shop, we offer assembly services to complete products in-house.

We offer a range of assembly services, including turnkey finished assemblies or assembly of customer-supplied processes and consigned parts.

At Leech Industries, we provide the following assembly services:

  • Turnkey assembly solutions and full-service manufacturing
  • Part assemblies ranging from two to thousands
  • Assemblies containing metal stampings, plastic molded parts, machined parts and electronic components
  • Laser welding of components and assemblies
  • Secondary operations such as plating, welding, laser marking and engraving
  • In-house design and engineering, build and maintenance of tooling and test equipment
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Assembly Components Sourced from Leech

In some instances, Leech sources parts and hardware from outside vendors, saving our customers some of the legwork. We work with a reliable network of vendors for both standard and specialized components to add to our assemblies.

Most often, we make the components that go into our assemblies. Sourcing line replaceable units (LRUs) from Leech can…

  • Cut lead times: Without needing to wait to receive components from outside vendors, we can get going right away.
  • Reduce total production costs: Removing a third party cuts down on shipping expenses.
  • Simplify the process: Because we handle assemblies ourselves, we can relieve our customers of the supply chain and labor issues that come with lower-level assemblies.
  • Streamline the supply chain: Rather than sourcing parts from multiple places and sending them out to a third party (or performing assemblies themselves), our customers rely on our one-stop shopping for assembly.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

The Leech team is well-versed in electro-mechanical assembly, a process that creates complex systems that involve both electrical and mechanical components. Our strong expertise in electro-mechanical assembly makes us a well-suited partner for your specific production needs.

We can handle a variety of electro-mechanical assemblies, including:

  • Box build assemblies
  • Cable assemblies
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies

Because we perform several precision machining services in-house, we can offer unique solutions based on our customers’ specific needs. Additionally, we perform our own in-depth inspection and testing services on our assembled components to ensure they meet specifications.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly Facilities

As an extension of our top-notch facilities, Leech Industries has a 550-square-foot Class 10,000 cleanroom to perform all electro-mechanical assemblies. This classification is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Controls and minimizes the risk of contaminants that could affect the quality of parts.
  • Provides a controlled, stable setting for manufacturing processes.
  • Ensures parts meet the strict regulatory requirements for challenging industries, such as medical and aerospace applications.
  • Reduces rejection rates, leading to less waste, increased efficiency and cost savings.


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Secondary Operations

After the initial assembly, components often go through additional manufacturing processes to achieve specific functional or aesthetic requirements.

  • Plating: Applying a layer of metal onto the surface of a component can enhance corrosion resistance and improve appearance.
  • Welding: Leech Industries performs necessary laser welding services to bond together assembled pieces.
  • Laser marking: Laser technology can create marks, patterns or codes to brand or label assembled components.
  • Engraving: Purely for aesthetic purposes, the Leech team can incise a design onto a surface to personalize a piece.
Testing Procedures in Assembly

Our quality control team works in conjunction with our assembly team to perform the following testing procedures:

  • Break testing: In this process, we essentially break an assembly to see how it comes apart.
  • Pressure testing: For assembled components meant for use in high-pressure applications, we apply certain pressures for various amounts of time. It is a critical quality control measure to ensure that assemblies such as hydraulic systems, pipelines or containers do not have leaks or defects.

Break, pressure and other types of testing are fundamental steps in the manufacturing process that ensure products provide optimal performance and quality.

  • Identify weaknesses, defects or other manufacturing errors that might compromise a product’s reliability, functionality or safety.
  • Demonstrate compliance with the stringent regulations and standards that products must meet in many challenging industries.
  • Help engineers understand performance limits, including necessary improvements, that can lead to the design of more reliable, robust products.
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