Thermoplastic Molding

Among our comprehensive plastic molding services, thermoplastic injection molding produces precise molded parts that are suitable for a range of applications.

While thermoset molding is an irreversible process due to the chemical reaction that occurs during the necessary curing process, thermoplastic molding is easily reversible. Thermoplastic parts can be re-melted and molded repeatedly without causing the material to deteriorate. At Leech Industries, we offer our customers the option to use recycled materials if this meets your needs.

Thermoplastic Molding Capabilities

  • (5) 50- to 88-ton Arburgs with sprue-pick capabilities

Thermoplastic Injection Molding Services

This is the process for producing thermoplastic parts:

  • Custom mold design and building
  • Material selection
  • Heating and injecting material into the mold
  • Cooling the material in its mold to allow it to set its shape
  • Extracting the part from its mold
  • Necessary secondary operations and finishing services
  • Quality control procedures

Insert Molding and Overmolding

Insert molding and over-molding are additional processes that can be worked into both thermoplastic and thermoset parts.

In insert molding, a pre-formed component (known as the insert) is placed into the mold and molten plastic is injected to surround and bond with the insert. This insert is typically a distinct component, typically either a metal or a different plastic part. Insert molding is often used for adding discrete components within a single part.

A similar process, over-molding involves molding one material (usually a softer or different type of plastic) over another previously molded part to add new properties and enhance the appearance of the original part.

Specific insert molding capabilities at Leech Industries:

  • (2) shuttle presses for thermoplastic molding, 35T & 30T
  • Shot capacity down to 0.022 oz. / 0.635 gr.

Characteristics of Thermoplastic Components

Thermoplastic components, produced through the thermoplastic injection molding process, possess several key characteristics that contribute to their versatility and widespread use in various industries. Here are some notable characteristics of thermoplastic components:

  • Reusability and recyclability: Thermoplastics can be melted and reshaped multiple times without undergoing significant degradation. Additionally, many thermoplastics are recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Versatility in material selection: Thermoplastics come in a wide range of materials, offering diverse options such as polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS and more. The material choice can be tailored to meet specific requirements, including strength, flexibility, chemical resistance and transparency.
  • Moldability and precision: Thermoplastic injection molding allows for the production of intricate and complex part geometries with high precision. Tight tolerances can be achieved through this process, ensuring consistency and accuracy across large production runs.
  • Efficient cycle times: Thermoplastic injection molding has relatively short cycle times, enabling the rapid production of large quantities of components.
  • Chemical resistance: Many thermoplastics exhibit resistance to chemicals, making them suitable for applications where exposure to various substances is a concern. Additionally, these materials are often corrosion-resistant.
  • Electrical insulation: Many thermoplastics exhibit strong electrical insulation properties, making them suitable for electrical components.

Thermoplastic Injection Molding Materials

  • Delrin
  • Polypropylene
  • Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
  • Polyester (PET)
  • Stanyl
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Engineering resins
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • And many more

Our Prototyping Services

If you’d like to acquire prototypes before going forward with your plastic molding projects, utilize Leech’s prototyping solutions to test parts before putting them through to full production. Contact us to find out more.

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