Thermoset Molding

Design, Build & Produce

Thermoset molding requires heating the mold versus cooling for thermoplastic. Thermoset molded parts are ideal for applications requiring high mechanical strength, a wide usable temperature range, and unique dielectric properties.

With our wide range of in-house capabilities, we design, build and run molds to produce thermoset parts in the millions with engineering and commodity grade resins. Injection, compression, and transfer molding methods use thermoset materials in custom or industry standard colors.



Specific Thermoset Molding Capabilities

  • (1) 350 Ton Arburg with Yushin robot
  • (5) 220 Ton Arburgs with pick and place robotics
  • (1) 143 Ton Arburg with pick and place robotics
  • (1) 88 Ton Arburg
  • (5) Arburg Shuttle injesters
  • (1) 40 Ton Newbury
  • Processing Phenolic and Moist Polyesters

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