Progressive Die Stamping and Metal Stamping at Leech

Leech Industries offers full-service precision stamping to serve and satisfy our customers. With our extensive tool and die offerings, we have ample experience in producing the very tools we use in our progressive die stamping operations.

Our focus on innovation and customer service has helped Leech Industries establish a strong reputation as a reliable partner for customers in need of excellent quality dies and stamped parts.

Stamping services at Leech Industries turn raw materials into top-notch quality, finished products for our customers. From simple bends to drawn shapes, small runs to large production runs, prototyping to full production, Leech offers an array of options across a range of industries.


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Turnkey Solutions

Leech Industries offers turnkey options to design, build and stamp your product in-house. This effectively accelerates our customers’ lead times and simplifies the process for our customers. Additionally, our turnkey stamping solutions yield lower costs for our customers; handling operations in-house reduces any extra shipping costs that would increase from sending materials to outside vendors.

Skilled Team Members

Our experienced team allows us to deliver innovative solutions in our stamping operations. By supporting our customers in all steps of their projects, our technicians streamline processes for customers and produce valuable outcomes.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our thoughtful approach to customer service is one of the key factors that sets Leech Industries apart. We understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements and strive to offer tailored solutions that meet those specifications. This is reflected in our design and engineering capabilities, which optimize production and quality, ensuring that customers get the best possible results.

Ahead-of-the-Curve Innovations

Leech Industries has a deep knowledge of the industry and a strong commitment to staying at the forefront of progress. We understand the value of investing in the latest technologies, tools and techniques to ensure we can deliver the highest quality stamped parts to our customers. Embracing impactful solutions has helped us to establish a loyal customer base across a variety of industries.

Prototyping Policy

A prototype service is available to assist in production design evaluation and aid in verifying manufacturing capabilities. Contact us for more information regarding our prototyping policy.

Specific Stamping Capabilities

  • 25- to 125-ton Bruderer and Minster presses
  • Up to 1200 strokes per minute
  • Bed sizes up to 80” by 30”
  • 9” stroke
  • Material thickness up to .125”
  • Coil feeding systems
  • Tumbling, cleaning and stress-relieving services available

Range of Metals

  • Cold rolled
  • Copper
  • Galvanized
  • High perm
  • Silver inlay
  • Stainless steel
  • And other alloys

Progressive Die Stamping

Leech’s customers value our high level of expertise in progressive dies and progressive die stamping. Our progressive die stamping capabilities allow for the high-volume production of complex parts with high precision, repeatability and accuracy.

Progressive die stamping involves simultaneously cutting and shaping a metal workpiece, forming parts sequentially. As the metal is fed into the press, it progresses through each stage of the die until the final shape is achieved. Progressive dies can perform the following operations:

  • Bending
  • Blanking
  • Draw forming
  • Punching

The Benefits of Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive die stamping is one of our highest-demand services at Leech Industries. Utilizing progressive dies is important in producing high-quality metal stamped parts for a number of reasons.

  • Efficiency: They can produce complex parts quickly and efficiently, which is essential in high-volume production environments.
  • Accuracy: Progressive dies can produce parts with a high level of accuracy and consistency, ensuring that each part is identical to the next.
  • Versatility: These tools can be used to produce a wide range of parts, including those with complex geometries and intricate features. Progressive dies can also be used with a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper, among others.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Progressive dies can produce high volumes of parts quickly, accurately and with great repeatability. This results in a lower cost per part that translates to cost savings for our customers.

Custom Progressive Tool and Die

At Leech Industries, we have a team of experienced engineers and designers who specialize in custom tool and die design to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Designing and manufacturing complex dies is in our DNA; we have been a tool and die shop for over 75 years. Since we have a full-service tool and die shop in addition to our stamping department, we have direct control over die manufacturing. This ensures that our customers receive high-quality dies and that all final stamped parts meet their exact specifications

Metal Stamping

In addition to offering industry-leading progressive metal stamping, Leech Industries provides metal stamping services to customers across various industries and applications.

Metal Stamping Functions

  • Progressive dies
  • Bending and forming
  • Compound dies
  • Blanking
  • Drawing


Industries Served

Leech Industries provides metal stamping services to many industries that call for durable, precise, strong parts.


Stamped metal parts are used in the aerospace industry for manufacturing components such as airframe components, brackets and fittings. Metal stamped parts have the strength and durability to withstand the extreme forces, vibrations and temperature changes that are prevalent in aerospace applications.

Electrical and Electronics

Metal stamped parts including connectors, switch components and contact springs offer excellent conductivity, which is crucial in the electrical space. Additionally, metal stamping provides great durability and resistance to the wear and tear that comes from frequent use or exposure to the outdoors. Leech Industries metal stamps parts with high precision and accuracy to ensure these components fit precisely and perform reliably.


Surgical instruments, implants and medical devices are just a few examples of metal stamped parts in the medical space. Stamped parts can be manufactured with precision and consistency; this is critical in applications in which accuracy is paramount for device functionality and patient safety. Stamping processes can produce the durability needed for long-lasting, high-performing medical components.


Strong, durable metal stamped components are essential in constructing buildings, bridges and other structures that are safe and structurally sound. Leech Industries’ metal stamping services ensure brackets, supports, framing components and other parts are highly precise and built to last.

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