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Quality Aerospace Component Manufacturing Services from Leech Industries

Of all the industries we support, aerospace has some of the strictest requirements and tightest tolerances. Aerospace products must be reliable, safe and durable – which means OEMs in this field must partner with a contract manufacturer that prioritizes precision, timeliness and service.

Leech Industries stands out as an aerospace contract manufacturer due to our commitment to quality, unmatched flexibility, multi-talented machinists and more. Our experience has offered us insight on the particular machining processes, quality procedures and finishing services that yield exceptional parts in this challenging sector.

Here are some of the main value-adds of our aerospace production manufacturing services

Tight Tolerances on Critical Components

Our team excels in meeting the tight tolerance requirements that are crucial in the aerospace industry. Leveraging advanced CNC machining capabilities, our skilled machinists achieve tolerances tighter than .001”.

The real-time feedback loop integrated into our machining process is a testament to our attention to precision. Our machinists check parts at each stage, sending immediate inputs to the machines and making adjustments to achieve the necessary tolerance. This proactive approach ensures we don’t wait for quality reports but instead address potential issues swiftly, minimizing the risk of deviations from the nominal.

Agile, Versatile Contract Manufacturing Services

Leech Industries is adept at working with ultra-tight tolerances, and we are agile in managing varying tolerance requirements. Our expertise extends to polishing, EDM and various grinding processes across a wide range of materials used in aerospace applications. From metals to composites, our machining capabilities are versatile and comprehensive.

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Machinists as the Programmers

A unique and valuable approach we’ve taken at Leech is training our CNC machinists to work as programmers. Unlike traditional setups where programmers and machinists act separately, our machinists are directly involved in programming tool paths and dimensions right at the machines. This hands-on involvement ensures a seamless and efficient workflow, with our machinists taking ownership of the entire manufacturing process. 

Our team members’ multi-faceted skills in machining and programming minimize delays and reduce the likelihood of errors throughout the production cycle. This comprehensive involvement from the initial CAD files/drawings to the finishing details translates to a more streamlined process, resulting in faster turnaround times and fewer handoffs between machines and personnel.

As an added benefit, the reduced fallout and minimized scrap rates from machinists doing the programming mean we don’t have to build extra scrap rates into our piece prices. This allows us to provide precise aerospace components at more competitive prices.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Our unparalleled flexibility in scheduling and production allows us to adapt to our surroundings. Our team evaluates our schedule daily, often hourly, optimizing machine availability and aligning jobs with the most suitable machine for efficient production.

The Leech team excels in adapting to unforeseen challenges. For instance, if a machine is set to sit idle due to a delayed tool, we proactively reassign jobs to maximize throughput and avoid unnecessary downtime. Additionally, our machinists are skilled in programming and running multiple machines. Unlike many shops with rigid roles where a specific machinist is tied to a single machine, our team can seamlessly transition between tasks, optimizing resources and ensuring continuous workflow.

Our flexibility is a driving force behind our ability to reduce lead times and meet the tight deadlines that are common for our aerospace customers.

Our Knowledge and Expertise

Our team has diverse backgrounds in engineering, material sourcing, EDM processes, plastics engineering and more. This, combined with our 75 years in aerospace manufacturing, demonstrates the wealth of experience we bring to the table. We have completed a variety of projects across a range of industries, utilized a great deal of materials and honed our processes over the years. We understand the nuances of aerospace projects, from tolerance specifications to critical requirements to the importance of adhering to deadlines.

Relationships with Aerospace Certified Vendors

Leech Industries maintains all certifications necessary to supply aerospace components, but we also manage a network of vendors that are compliant with the stringent requirements in aerospace manufacturing. We track the various certifications our vendors are required to have, leverage our extensive knowledge of their capabilities and strategically assign our external processes accordingly.

For instance, if a customer needs nickel plating performed to a Nadcap-approved process, our team selects a certified vendor to handle this capability. In addition, we maintain comprehensive documentation and provide customers with a transparent record of certifications for every facet of the manufacturing process. This approach ensures that every piece, from raw components to the final product, adheres to all necessary standards.

Timeliness and Reliability

Even though we’re only making a small portion of the finished product, we’re responsible for helping aerospace customers meet their project deadlines. That’s why our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality aerospace components as fast and accurately as possible.

Turnkey Solutions

Our turnkey solutions set us apart as a one-stop shop for aerospace clients. When customers can use one contract manufacturer for their entire assembly, they can simplify their supply chain on even their most complex components. As a result of our diverse capabilities and the skilled team of professionals in various disciplines within our facilities, Leech Industries is equipped with the resources and expertise to deliver turnkey solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients, providing a seamless and efficient manufacturing process.

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